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Hello my Pink Family,

  My apologies for the lack of any updates the last few months as I was trying to determine what is the best way I can help support my fellow disabled Drag Queens, LGBTQI+ and supporting family members.  After a couple of short fabulous months following last years NYC DragCon, quickly seemed to fade into the background and out of the limelight (and out of most peoples minds).  We were so confused from the quick change in people’s interest, that we decided to take a month and think about how we could be revamp the website and our purpose in order to best help support the Pink Family.  

  One of the first things we decided was to exit social media, with the exception of our YouTube channel (will explain in a sec).  PinkOracle has made the decision that we are unhappy with all of the negative effects of social media globally and can no longer subscribe to those applications anymore.  We understand that in 2019 that most would consider us insane for withdrawing, but this is just something we need to do and hope everyone can understand and will continue to check the website for updates.

  Our next big move was to narrow down how we could best help our family besides providing the website.  There seemed to be no interest in a directory  application after reaching out to everyone following us; as well as zero interest in a private social media space for members within our website. So what could we do to help?  And then one day after hearing from a Pink Family member who needed some help, we knew what to do:

                      START A FUCKING REVOLUTION !!!  


  If we can’t get our family members to take to the streets and join us yet, we will do it for them until they feel safe enough to join us.  Its time to show the world that we come in all shapes, colors, genders, orientations, ages, and so on and so on.  They aren’t going to take us seriously about our access needs till they know we’re serious.  Over the next year, follow PinkOracle on our website and the YouTube Channel (links will be provided) as we shock the world about problems with Disability Access.

Join the battle at any time; Bayonets’s and coordinating costumes will be provided.  We can’t do this without you!  Lets make this planet ours too and stop waiting for somebody else to eventually get around to it, because trust me; they’re never coming.  Check out our upcoming schedule to find out where to find Pink Oracle in the next coming months and we look forward  to meeting you there.


Wet Kisses and Drag Hugs,

  Your Mama 

  Pink Oracle

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